Q&A With Oceanographer on Where Gulf Spill Will Spread

Dr. Robert Weisberg in front of his computer model
Robert Weisberg in front of his Gulf spill computer model at his St. Petersburg office
ST. PETERSBURG (2010-5-4) -

Scientists have differing opinions on where the Gulf oil spill will go next. One oceanographer predicts once the slick gets into the main current in the Gulf of Mexico, it would soon go past the Florida Keys and into the North Atlantic.

Robert Weisberg has spent years mapping the currents in the gulf at the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science.

He says in the next few days, the prevailing winds will keep pushing the oil north toward the Louisiana shore.

But the slick is not far from what is called the "Loop Current." Weisberg says if the oil gets into that flow, its effects could become more widespread.

He spoke with WUSF's Steve Newborn.

To view Dr. Weisberg's computer models of the Gulf spill, click HERE.

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