Watching Over Wildlife in the Wake of the Oil Leak

A Florida pelican at Ft. DeSoto Park.
A Florida pelican at Ft. DeSoto Park.
TAMPA (2010-5-4) -

Scientists will never know what killed the migratory song birds that washed up on Pinellas County beaches last week. An official with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute said the bird carcasses were too deteriorated to find a cause of death.

Some speculated strong thunderstorms killed the birds or it could have been West Nile virus. But, others wondered if the growing oil leak in the Gulf is having an adverse affects.

So far, there are no “confirmed” reports of wildlife affected by the oil leak according to the Joint Information Center for the Deepwater Horizon Response.

However, there are "unofficial" photographs of wildlife specialists caring for birds covered in oil.

A hotline is established for anyone to report oil soaked birds and marine life – 866-557-1401.

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