Arizona Immigration Law At Issue in Florida GOP Primary

Rick Scott
Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott.
TAMPA (2010- -

A controversial new immigration law in Arizona is now becoming a weapon in Florida’s race for Governor.

Multimillionaire GOP candidate Rick Scott says he supports the Arizona law, which requires immigrants to carry documents verifying their status. It also requires police officers to question a person after being stopped for something else if there's a reasonable suspicion they're in this country illegally.

Scott defended the Arizona law in a recorded commentary.

“President Obama and other liberals call it discrimination. Nonsense. This is simply a common sense effort to enforce the law,” he said.

“America is a nation of immigrants, and that makes us strong. We are also a nation of laws and these are dangerous times,” Scott said.

Scott criticized the GOP front-runner, Attorney General Bill McCollum, for telling the Miami Herald that, ‘I think Arizona has its own unique problems. I don't think Florida should enact laws like this -- quite that far out.”

The other major Republican candidate, state Senator Paula Dockery of Lakeland, also supports the Arizona law. She says if the federal government can't enforce border security, the states should.

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