Crist Predicts House Will Drop Opposition to Oil Drilling Ban

TAMPA (2010-6-7) -

Gov. Charlie Crist is repeating his call for a constitutional amendment on the November ballot banning oil drilling in Florida's waters.

Crist needs lawmakers to approve the ballot measure. House leaders such as incoming speaker Dean Cannon say a constitutional amendment isn't necessary, because he’s promising to drop his support for offshore drilling.

At a Pinellas County seafood restaurant Monday, Crist said the onslaught of oil may change some minds.

“We all love our state. We all love Florida. And the closer this stuff gets to us, I think some of those members of the House are going to be persuaded to say, enough’s enough. I don’t see how they can’t,” Crist said.

Crist says the session could come as early as July. The measure must be approved and sent to the Secretary of State’s office no later than August 4.

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