Sen. Nelson: Military Should Direct Oil Spill Cleanup

Fl. Democrat Bill Nelson
Sen. Bill Nelson
TAMPA (2010-06-10) -

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson told a Congressional commitee Thursday he's livid after Florida officials were not notified when part of the Gulf oil slick entered a sensitive bay near Pensacola.

Sen. Nelson said the unified command in charge of the operation failed to tell Florida's emergency operations department after oil began entering an estuary on the Florida-Alabama state line.

"The orange mousse has come into Perdido Bay," he said. "The emergency operations center in Escambia County in Pensacola was not notified. The Coast Guard is doing a great job, but it is stretched to the limit."

Sen. Nelson called for the military to begin directing the the Gulf cleanup operation. He says only the Pentagon has command structure in place to coordinate the cleanup efforts. Signs have been posted on Perdido Key warning people to stay out of the water, but the beaches there remain open.

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