The Shifting Politics of Oil: Rep. Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam
TAMPA (2010-06-16) -

Rep. Adam Putnam, R-Bartow, has always held a position favoring offshore drilling. However, in light of the recent spill, he has proposed a temporary halt of drilling close to Florida's shores till the pending investigation into what caused the spill has finished its course.

Before the Spill:

Putnam led efforts to broker a deal on oil drilling in 2006. He proposed allowing drilling "as close as 50 miles from shore" and got 13 other Florida Republicans to sign along, leading to passage in the House of Representatives.

Under the plan, which did not pass the Senate, states could have petitioned to have drilling between 50 and 100 miles off their shores. If they don't, the default drilling barrier would be 125 miles — still closer than the current 234 mile barrier off Tampa Bay.

~ St. Petersburg Times, 4/2/10

After the Spill:

"I am deeply concerned about the economic and ecological damage the oil leak is causing. This is a national disaster. It is clear to every elected official, from the President on down that consideration of any new exploration closer to shore needs to be taken off the table and we need to have a thorough investigation into what happened and the inability of the industry to effectively respond."

~, 5/3/10

CLICK HERE to listen to Putnam promoting offshore drilling on MSNBC in 2008.

From "Drill, Baby, Drill" to "Spill, Baby, Spill" - the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf has some elected leaders and political candidates scrambling to point out their opposition to offshore drilling - even if they once thought it was a good idea. WUSF has determined where Florida's politicians stood before, and where they stand now on oil drilling.

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