Candidate Rick Scott: Drill off Florida's Shores

Republican candidate for governor
Rick Scott
TAMPA (2010-06-18) -

Rick Scott has ridden a wave of television ads to become a top contender for governor on the Republican ticket. At the opening of his regional headquarters in Tampa, Scott says he favors gun rights, opposes abortion and supports drilling for oil off Florida's shores.

"I just wanted to thank every one of you for what you're doing. This is our chance to change the country, and change the state," Scott said, welcoming his new staff.

He says the first thing he'd do as governor would be to help pass an Arizona-style law targeting illegal immigrants. He painted himself as a "conservative outsider" who supports offshore drilling - even in Florida's waters - which are as close as three miles off the coast.

"We can't do offshore drilling until we find out what went wrong. We've got to figure that out. So we should be doing that," he said. "But put a Constitutional amendment? That's crazy. We already have a moratorium. If we can make sure it's safe, it's not going to impact our beaches, our lakes, our rivers, our environment, absolutely I'm interested in offshore drilling."

Scott has also come under fire for a record hospital fraud case at the company he founded. His response: "People make mistakes. And when you're CEO, you take responsibility - which I do."

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