The Shifting Politics of Oil: Rep. Kathy Castor

TAMPA (2010-06-24) -

Rep. Kathy Castor, D- Tampa, has always held a very strong anti-drilling position off Florida's coast. After the spill, she renewed her pledge to ban drilling off Florida's coast for good.

Before the spill: Castor sent a letter to President Obama objecting to his plan for more offshore oil drilling in Florida, saying the area is "too special" to risk environmental damage.

~, 4/2/10

After the spill: After refiling her bill to prohibit drilling off Florida's shores for good, Castor released this statement:

"The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has confirmed my worst fears about the potential ramifications of oil drilling off of Florida's coast. We must act now to protect Florida's economy and environment."

~, 5/20/10

From "Drill, Baby, Drill" to "Spill, Baby, Spill" - the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf has some elected leaders and political candidates scrambling to point out their opposition to offshore drilling - even if they once thought it was a good idea. WUSF has determined where our politicians stood before, and where they stand now on oil drilling.

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