Rubio Backs $20 Billion BP Fund

U.S. Senate Candidate
Marco Rubio addresses the Republican Faithful at Datz Deli
TAMPA (2010-06-28) -

It's been an ongoing controvery - whether the Obama Administration should have forced BP to set up an independent compensation fund. It led to an apology to BP from Texas Congressman Joe Barton. But fellow Republican and U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio said he backs the $20 billion fund.

Rubio paid a campaign visit to the south Tampa deli Datz, where the smell of corned beef on rye mixed with the mustard of election-year politics. He told the crowd the policies of the Obama administration would lead to socialism and erode the traditional American work ethic. But he did back the president's dealings with BP.

"I think the $20 billion fund was appropriate," says Rubio. "It guarantees that there will be money available to pay losses that exist and to make sure that the company was on board. It was voluntary, the company decided to do it."

Rubio says he continues to support offshore drilling, as long as it can be determined to be safe. He says the government needs to figure out why the wellhead blowout took place and how to stop it from happening again.

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