Carnival Cruise Ship To Scout for Gulf Oil

The Legend
Carnival's Legend
TAMPA (2010-07-09) -

Soon, seagoers on the Carnival Legend will witness something else besides the endless buffet and karaoke on their way to ports in Mexico and the Caribbean. They'll be part of the search for how far the Gulf oil spill has traveled.

The Legend is one of three cruise ships Carnival will outfit with sensors from the International Seakeepers Society. The nonprofit group will transmit the data by satellite to researchers at USF's Institute of Oceanography. Jennifer De La Cruz is a Carnival spokeswoman.

"The usefulness here is that these ships are sailing outside the realm of the spill impact at this time," says De La Cruz, "but the data that is collected is going to provide a baseline which can be be monitored over time to see if there are any changes in the hydrocarbon content that they are looking for."

She says Carnival has already outfitted several ships with Seakeepers modules, but they're now being updated with new technology to detect oil in the Gulf.

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