Greenpeace Ship To Search for Gulf Oil Spill

Greenpeace vessel
The Arctic Sunrise
ST. PETERSBURG (2010-09-09) -

BP's Deepwater Horizon well is just about capped, but many people are worried about all that oil left floating in the Gulf. This week, a research vessel of a different kind will leave Tampa Bay.

It's billed as a three-month expedition to find the "truth" about what's happening under the Gulf's waves. The environmental group Greenpeace is launching the "Arctic Sunrise" on Thursday from St. Petersburg. The ship will ply the waters of the Gulf, looking for where the oil is, how much remains, and where it's going.

Greenpeace's Dan Howells says a lot of scientists are on BP's payroll, and they want an independent investigation.

"We've just got an opportunity with the Arctic Sunrise to go out there and tell the story of what's really happening," he said. "We don't fully trust the statements out the administration the other day that 75 percent of the oil has simply disappeared. So we're going to go out there and look for it ourselves."

Howells says several independent researchers from various universities will be onboard. They'll join USF's reseach vessel Weatherbird II, which left Friday on a 10-day mission to the northern Gulf.

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