Q&A With New Coast Guard Sector Commander

New U.S. Coast Guard Commander
Sheryl Dickinson at her St. Petersburg office, in front of a mural of the U.S.S. Eagle
ST. PETERSBURG (2010-08-10) -

There's a new Coast Guard commander for the sector based in St. Petersburg. Sheryl Dickinson took over on July 2 from Captain Timothy Close, who's headed for the balmy climes of Honolulu.

This is something of a homecoming for the Long Island native - this will be her fourth tour of duty in Florida, and her second in the Tampa Bay Area. She previously served four years at the Marine Safety Office on Davis Islands in Tampa.

Capt. Dickinson talks with WUSF's Steve Newborn about how the local Coast Guard is staying ready for any after-effects from the Gulf oil spill - as well as her experience dealing with Hurricane Katrina.

To hear the complete interview with Capt. Dickinson, click on the "Full Audio" link below.

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