Proposed Florida Illegal Immigration Bill Tougher Than Arizona's

TAMPA (2010-8-11) -

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is proposing a new law that he says is tougher on illegal immigrants than Arizona’s law.

McCollum faces Naples businessman Rick Scott in the Aug. 24 GOP primary for governor, and Scott has criticized McCollum for allegedly flip-flopping on immigration.

McCollum’s proposed bill would one-up Arizona’s law by allowing judges to set higher bond for illegal immigrants.

It also would allow for increased penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes, modeled after a similar law involving gangs.

In a press conference Wednesday, McCollum says his bill would avoid concerns raised by a federal judge, who struck down parts of the Arizona law.

The Arizona law requires police to check a person’s immigration status during a lawful stop if they have a reasonable suspicion they may be here illegally.

McCollum says his bill better defines what “reasonable suspicion” means.

The Scott campaign released an ad Wednesday with where McCollum called the Arizona law "far out" and then claimed he never said that.

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