PolitiFact: GOP Primary Claims Barely True, Half True

TAMPA (2010-8-13) -

Different polls show businessman Rick Scott and Attorney General Bill McCollum neck-and-neck in the GOP primary race for governor – and as each man tries to gain an edge, he’s making some questionable claims.

PolitiFact Florida editor John Bartosek says Scott’s claim that McCollum “voted for higher taxes and fees 42 times while he was in Congress." is barely true.

He said Scott is double and triple counting some votes. In other cases, Scott is counting votes that lowered taxes overall, but slightly raised some taxes and fees.

“In his entire time in Congress, the tax cuts he voted for easily outweighed the tax hikes," Bartosek said.

McCollum did not fare as well in another claim, that he cut his own budget as Attorney General.

"In my attorney general's office, we've cut the budget 18 percent," McCollum said dueing the Fox 13 debate.

McCollum only controls about 20 percent of his own budget. He did cut that part.

But the budget for his entire office actually went up 7.5 percent, leading to a PolitiFact Florida ruling of half true.

For more on these and other PolitiFact Florida rulings – including several on the race to replace Bill McCollum as Attorney General, go to PolitiFact.com/Florida.

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