St Pete City Council Votes to Demolish Pyramid on Pier

The St. Pete Pier
TAMPA (2010-8-18) -

Today in a straw vote, St. Petersburg city council members decided to tear down the "inverted pyramid" that has stood along the waterfront pier for decades.

Council Chair Leslie Curran says the city only has $50 million which is barely enough to repair the approach to the pyramid on the Pier.

Curran said, "We can take that $50 million and turn it into something that would be more usable, more economical in the end, reduce our subsidy and make it something that would be spectacular not just for the residents of St. Pete, but for tourists also."

The city pays a million dollars a year to subsidize the Pier.

Curran says city leaders are talking about building a connecting bridge from Vinoy Park to the Pier or in her words, starting the "pier experience" at Bayshore Drive.

A final vote on the matter is expected soon.

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