Tiger Bay Member: Scott "Packages" Answers

Republican candidate for governor
Rick Scott
ST. PETERSBURG (2010-08-18) -

Rick Scott brought his campaign for governor Wednesday to the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club in St. Petersburg. But he may have lost at least one vote.

Scott spoke for 16 minutes, mostly highlighting his "outsider" theme to the packed audience. During a question and answer session, mostly softball questions were thrown his way - until this one:

"Do you think that using fraud to generate income is a common sense idea? Would you classify yourself as unethical, unscrupulous or a bad manager?"

Mike Fisher says he didn't know what happened to Scott's company, Columbia/HCA, when it was busted for the largest Medicare fraud case in history, and wanted to hear why it happened.

Scott's answer: He took "responsibility" and if he had to do it all over again, he'd hire more auditors. That didn't hold much water for Fisher.

"It appears to me he has packaged answers to questions and he does the answer he wants to use for your question, even if he doesn't answer it," Fisher said after Scott's speech. "I thought there was a chance I could support him, but I'm not so sure now."

The retired physician is a registered Republican, and says he's so unhappy with both of the party's candidates for governor that he's not going to vote in next week's primary.

To hear Rick Scott's complete speech and question-and-answer session at Tiger Bay, click on the "Full Audio" icon below.

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