Three Amendments Thrown Off Florida Ballot

Critics say one of the Legislature's proposed amendments would protect gerrymandering in Congressional districts.
TAMPA (2010-8-31) -

The Florida Supreme Court has thrown three proposed constitutional amendments off November’s ballot – all of them passed by the state Legislature.

Amendment 9 would try to prohibit health-care requirements in Florida like those passed by Congress earlier this year. Several scholars questioned whether it would pass constitutional muster.

According to the Legislature, Amendment 7 sought to clarify two other amendments designed to end gerrymandering in Congressional and state legislative districts.

Critics said Amendment 7 would instead nullify the other two. Those amendments remain on the ballot.

Amendment 3 would have lowered tax increases on non-homestead property and expanded property-tax breaks to first-time homebuyers.

All three were struck down by a 5-2 margin, with Chief Justice Charles Canaday and Justice Ricky Polston dissenting.

In doing so, the Supreme Court agreed with lower courts that the language in each of these amendments was misleading.

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