Florida Gains Two Seats in U.S. Census

The housing boom in the early 2000s helped fuel Florida's continued population growth.
TAMPA (2010-12-21) -

Eighteen -- that's the magic number for Florida just announced by the U.S. Census. The state grew by 18 percent over the past decade to a total population of about 18.8 million people.

That's a slower rate of growth than Florida's used to, and much lower than western states like Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Still, it was enough to give Florida two more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Only Texas received more new seats: four.

Florida now ties New York for the number of U.S. Representatives -- 27.

The population gain wasn’t enough for Florida to overtake New York as the nation's third most populous state. New York has about 19.4 million people.

But with the Empire State’s anemic 2 percent growth rate, you can expect the Sunshine State to overtake it by the 2020 census.

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