Gulf Oil Spill Task Force Making Headway

John Hankinson, Jr.
SARASOTA (2011-5-12) -

The head of the task force that's looking at restoring the Gulf after last year's oil spill is in Sarasota for a conference on the Gulf. They're making headway on a report that will go straight to the desk of the president.

St. Augustine resident John Hankinson Jr. is head of the Gulf of Mexico Restoration Task Force. It was formed by President Obama last year to sort out what damage has been done to the Gulf - and what needs to be done to restore its fragile ecosystems.

"There are areas on water quality, areas on habitat management, areas on restoration of habitat and wetlands, and an area for dealing with the resiliency of communities that live along the Gulf," he says.

And it's not just the people living in the most-affected areas stretching from Louisiana to Pensacola that the task force wants to hear from. That's one of the reasons Hankinson's in Sarasota.

"I think the residents of the whole Gulf coast of Florida need to be aware of this effort, and feel free to send their input in to us," he says. "Because folks tend to think about the area that was hit by the spill, but it's really the whole Gulf we're dealing with."

His task force's report is expected on the president's desk in October.

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