In Florida, Killing Gator a Bigger Crime than Serving Alcohol to Minors

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TAMPA (2011-6-3) -

Under Florida law, it is worse to kill an alligator without a permit than it is to serve a minor alcohol, according to PolitiFact Florida.

The state Legislature just passed a bill increasing the penalties for adults who give alcohol to anyone under 21.

But State Representative Kathleen Passidomo of Naples says the penalties for killing an alligator without a permit are greater than those for serving alcohol to minors.

That’s true, even after the law change, according to John Bartosek of the fact-checking organization PolitiFact Florida.

“Even though the Legislature has passed a law in this most recent session to make changes in the statute, it will still be a higher penalty for killing or capturing a Gator,” he said.

Bartosek says killing an alligator illegally can land you in jail for five years. Serving alcohol to a minor will be punishable by up to one year in jail.

Also, PoltiFact checked out a You Tube video that Tampa Bay Rays star Evan Longoria says is true.

In the video, Longoria makes a spectacular bare-handed catch of a foul ball as he’s being interviewed during batting practice.

It has been viewed about four million times on You Tube.

But from the “Gillette” banners in the background to the lack of a batting cage to catch foul balls, PolitiFact found enough problems to rate Longoria’s statement “Pants on Fire.”

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