USF Works to Resolve Global Water Problems

TAMPA (2011-6-13) -

Some believe the “new oil” or the next natural resource that communities, states and countries will fight over in is water. The conference, Security and Stability Partnerships for Water: Their Impact on Health, is scheduled through Wednesday at the Dr. Blaise F. Alfano Conference center.

Tom Mason, a professor with the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, organized three-day gathering bringing together military experts, government agencies and health officials to talk about the water related issues.

From problems of scarcity to new technology, they’re sharing expertise on water. Mason said a good example of the kind of cross cultural cooperation is the national response framework of civil and military cooperation set up for major disasters like hurricane response.

“The water issue is always preeminent in any disaster preparedness and natural disaster response,” Mason said. “One of the first thing is you have to pay attention to is, ‘Do I have banked enough water to get me thru this crisis?’”

On Tuesday, the conference heard about a collaborative effort between Coca-Cola International and the environmental group, Nature Conservancy and Wednesday will feature solar powered water technologies being used in Afghanistan.

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