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"Pops" is a Vietnam Veteran who says it's time for America to take care of its own people. "If you can't clean your own backyard, how are you going to clean up the world?"
TAMPA (2011-6-16) -

Drive down any busy road in Tampa and you’re likely to see someone in a bright-green or orange traffic vest standing in the median.

Some ask for money, some sell newspapers - others bottled water. And they'll all lose their livelihood if Tampa joins St. Petersburg and other Florida cities in banning panhandling and selling items on main roads.

Photographer and videographer Greg Bryon spent two days on the streets of Tampa and brings you their stories.

WATCH a video of their stories HERE.

You've been hearing the stories of four people who make their living on Tampa's streets. CLICK HERE to see more from Tampa photographer Greg Bryon.

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