More Cutbacks On Tap For Water Management Districts

TAMPA (2011-8-24) -

Gov. Scott today asked the state's water management agencies to cut back even more on how much they spend. Taxpayers will save some money, but it could halt efforts to protect the state's water supply.

The governor's line-item veto will reduce the Southwest Florida Water Management District's budget by 44 percent. That means no more money to purchase land to protect water supplies in the Tampa Bay area, says Swiftmud spokeswoman Robyn Felix.

"We're having to prioritize like other public agencies and just like the private sector, so we're just going to have to do fewer projects," she says, "and we're going to be providing less cooperative funding to local governments and other organizations."

Felix says the district has already eliminated about 100 positions in reaction to the governor's requests to reduce its budget. The latest cutbacks will mean an additional 32 people will be let go this week. She says that's a reduction of about one out of every eight employees.

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