Worst Accident Spots in Tampa Discovered

TAMPA (2011-9-02) -

It is no secret that traffic around Tampa Bay is terrible. But just where are the worst spots for accidents?

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the worst spot for accidents is where I-75 meets I-4. Number two is the junction of I-275 and Memorial Highway, near Tampa International Airport.

High volume is the culprit. But solving these problems takes money. And Tampa Bay Business Journal editor Alexis Muellner says local businesses are sometimes against road improvements.

"You know, very tough struggle because you suspend the ability for businesses to attract traffic for their sign-age to be seen, people and consumers certainly think twice about having to make a couple of extra turns to get to a business." Muellner said.

Other trouble spots in the study include I-4 and MacIntosh Road, I-275 and Howard Avenue, and State Road 56 and I-75 in Pasco County.

Mueller said most accidents were in one county.

"First of all, it's all in Hillsborough County and there was nothing in Pinellas- which surprised me," said Mueller.

"In Hillsborough County you've got the crux of the volume converging on these key pressure spots both at 75 and I-4... There's confusion when you have new traffic patterns and that also causes some problems and it looks like Hillsborough county has seen a lot of that change."

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