Who's Paying for Florida GOP Video Attack on Obama?

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TAMPA (2011-9-9) -

A new video on the Florida Senate website looks a lot like a campaign commercial for the state GOP.

It starts by accusing President Obama of failure, and then messages on the screen praise the "bold leadership" of GOP leaders that has Florida moving "in the right direction," according to PolitiFact Florida's Aaron Sharockman.

"You see images of Mike Haridopolos smiling, Rick Scott, Dean Cannon, pushing a bold agenda," he said.

"It's the juxtaposition of the things that are going wrong in Washington and everything that's going right in Tallahassee," Sharockman said.

PolitiFact traced the source of funding for the video. Sharockman says it was made by Haridopolos and a staffer on his personal laptop on their time off.

But state resources were used to promote, host and defend the video.

Sharockman says it's hard to determine the line between policy and propaganda. Meanwhile, Haridopolos says he expects to make more of these videos in the future.

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