State Rep. Rick Kriseman Wants Doctors to Talk Guns with Patients

TAMPA (2011-9-13) -

State Representative Rick Kriseman held a press conference today to talk about his legislation to try to repeal a new state law that opponents have nicknamed "the physician gag law."

Kriseman says the law intrudes into the doctor-patient relationship and makes him wonder, what's next?

"Is the smoking-the tobacco companies, going to prohibit doctors from asking their patients whether they smoke because obviously smoking is hazardous during pregnancy?" he said.

The law had strong support from Republicans and the National Rifle Association. Kriseman says the law mostly pertains to pediatricians who would talk with new parents about potential hazards around the home, such as prescription drugs and firearms.

Kriseman says their only interest is safety.

"There's no nefarious plot by doctors to take weapons out of people's homes. In fact, one of the doctors who was at the press conference today, is a gun owner himself," he said.

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