Tampa Bay Jobs Increase, Florida Jobs Stagnant

TAMPA (2011-9-16) -

Newly-released figures show the state's unemployment rate stayed the same in August. But for the first time in a long time, Tampa Bay led Florida in the number of jobs created.

Nearly one out of every nine Floridians are still out of work - that's higher than the national jobless rate. But Rebecca Rust of the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation says the state added nearly 10,000 jobs last month - led by the Tampa Bay area.

"The areas with the largest gains - and we're starting with Tampa this time, and that's a change," she says, "Tampa has not been on the list of the highest gains since the economic downturn, and Tampa was particularly hit hard with the housing crisis. So Tampa has the largest gain, with 14,800."

Rust says the biggest job losses were in the public sector - more government jobs were lost last month than in the private sector. Also feeling the continued pinch were construction workers and jobs in the telecommunications industry. And Rust says nearly one out of every five Floridians is either jobless or can only find part-time work.

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