USF Receives Government Grant to Offer Intelligence Training

USF College of Business professor Walter Andrusyszyn
TAMPA (2011-9-16) -

They won't be replacing James Bond and Jack Bauer anytime soon, but the University of South Florida has received a federal grant to set up an intelligence analyst training program.

The two-year, $720,000 award from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is one of only two given out to universities this year. It will help USF establish a certificate program in national and competitive intelligence at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Program director, USF Business professor Walter Andrusyszyn, says the end result will not be a "spy school."

"It can't be, I can't teach someone over here, nobody could teach somebody to become a James Bond, but if somebody wants to become a James Bond, I would hope that I can help (them) along that path and then they got to take it from there," Andrusyszyn said.

"Most of the people in the intelligence community are not James Bond-like, they're geeks...they're poring over documentation and analyzing it as well, but that skill of taking raw information and assessing it in the right way is valuable no matter what you do."

Andrusyszyn spent a lengthy career in the U-S government, including serving at the White House as the Director for Northern and Eastern European Affairs in the National Security Council, before retiring and joining USF's College of Business in 2007.

The program, which will launch this fall, will offer students internships with partners like Central Command, Special Operations Command and the U.S. Department of State.

Students interested in the program should contact Andrusyszyn at, and to hear who he thinks should apply to the program, click on the 'listen now' link at the top of the page.

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