Panel Discusses Future of Education in FL

TAMPA (2011-9-20) -

Education advocates gathered in Orlando today to discuss challenges for the future of the Florida school system.

It was hard for participants to find common ground during a panel discussion but they did agree on one point. Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette says teachers need more instruction time.

"Then we wonder and scratch our heads, why are student performance lax?" said Bill Sublette. "It's simple math folks, we need more time on instruction."

Hillsborough County teacher James Gibbs agreed, but he wondered how that could be accomplished.

"But then we get back to the old question that keeps coming up, what about the funding how are we going to pull that off?" James Gibbs said. "How are we going to do 205 days of instruction when we can't even fund the 180 we currently have?"

Educators also discussed high stakes testing, Florida's education funds and school grades.

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