Florida Unemployment Rate Dips Slightly

TAMPA (2011-10-20) -

The number of people who are jobless in the state went down slightly in the state last month. September's unemployment rate is 10.6 percent, down a tenth of a percentage point from the month before. That makes it the lowest rate in Florida in two years.

It's still well above the national average of just over 9 percent. Florida was one of nine states in August that reported double-digit unemployment.

Governor Rick Scott took the dip as a sign the state's economy is improving. He spoke this morning during a conference call from Brazil, where he's leading a trade delegation.

"Florida's September 2011 annual job growth percentage rate - which is 1.3 percent - outpaced the nation for the first time in 3 1/2 years - since February, 2007," says Scott. "So that's great news. No one can take full credit for this, but Florida's on the right track."

The figures mean 23,000 jobs were created in the state last month. Still, more than one million Floridians are estimated to still be out of work.

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