IED Trainer Displayed at CENTCOM Conference: Video

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TAMPA (2011-10-21) -

A new way to train for the deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that claim the lives of military members in Iraq and Afghanistan was shown off as part of CENTCOM’s three-day counter IED conference, held at MacDill Air Base starting on October 18th. Officers from 45 countries toured the new Counter IED Trainers, which aim to help soldiers think like the insurgents they will face overseas.

In the high tech training, service members pass through a series of four trailers, each focused on a unique aspect of IEDs. They receive briefings from virtual characters and participate in simulations meant to help them think like insurgents.

CENTCOM Chief of Staff Major General Karl Horst opened the conference by calling IEDs an insidious weapon, and urged those in attendance to tour the mobile trainers. The new system is in use at 13 military bases around the country.

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