Marco Rubio: Son of Exiles?

Newly-discovered immigration documents show that Rubio's parents came to Florida almost three years before Castro took power.
TAMPA (2011-10-21) -

Is Senator Marco Rubio really the son of Cuban exiles? That's what he's said himself on several occasions.

But newly discovered documents are raising questions about Rubio's story.

For years, Rubio told the same story about when his parents arrived, as is highlighted in a new Internet ad from a left-leaning group. He said they came to America in 1959.

That’s important, because that’s when Fidel Castro took power.

But newly-discovered immigration documents show that his parents came to Florida almost three years before Castro took power.

Those documents were obtained by a conservative "birther" activist and have since been verified by the St. Petersburg Times and Washington Post.

Rubio maintains his parents are exiles because they planned to return to Cuba after Castro took power, but couldn't.

Aaron Sharockman of PolitiFact Florida says there are a lot of unanswered questions here.

"Someone, somewhere is going to have to give us a better explanation of how his parents came and under what circumstances," he said.

Rubio also says he was just repeating the "family lore" when he passed on the wrong dates.

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