Tampa Epoch Newspaper Debuts

TAMPA (2011-11-15) -

With the Tampa City Council's recent ban on panhandling, the Tampa Epoch newspaper is envisioned as a legal way for panhandlers to make money hawking good on street corners. The first issue of the homeless newspaper started selling today.

Panhandling has been banned on Tampa city streets most days but newspaper sales are okay seven days a week. The president of the Tampa Marketing Company, Bill Sharpe decided to publish the Tampa Epoch- a newspaper focused on homelessness and community news.It will be sold by former panhandlers on city streets.

A handful of vendors stood on Downtown Tampa streets as the first issue of the Tampa Epoch went on sale.

Publisher Bill Sharpe said he is hopeful for the newspaper.

"[W]e hope the Tampa community will appreciate our paper- let us know what they think about it," Sharpe said, "And then we hope they'll support our vendors because those are the folks trying and not be homeless."

The first 25 copies of the newspaper are free to the vendors. They can buy more copies for 25 cents each. The newspaper sells for $1.

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