Scam Artists Target Older Veterans

Photo courtesy of the BBB Military Line website.
TAMPA (2011-11-21) -

Scam artists that target veterans really get active around Veterans Day and the holidays according to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB Military Line sent out a recent warning that con artists are targeting elderly veterans.

The notice listed several types of scams veterans and military families should watch for such as someone posing as if from the VA asking for credit card or bank records.

Brenda Linnington, director of the Better Business Bureau Military Line, said one of the more cynical scams targets older veterans with a deployed grandchild who get a fake telephone call for help.

“So the request is for that grandparent to wire money,” Linnington said. “It plays on the sense of duty and all of those things that so many people who have served in the military know and feel very, very strongly about.”

She said older veterans who have not talked to their grandchildren in a while are especially vulnerable.

“Veterans (are) hugely willing to help, always,” Linnington said. “They’re very committed to the United States, to the military and are very open with their pocketbooks in that regard anytime you say this is for a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or military family.”

The BBB Military Line offers online services to military veterans and active duty families such as consumer protection and updates on recent scams and I.D. theft. You can find the information at

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