USF adds Tampa Bay to its Name

TAMPA (2011-12-1) -

What's in a name? For USF, not enough location to tell people where the school is.

Tampa Bay is becoming more of a "brand." The St. Pete Times is changing its name to the Tampa Bay Times and now, the University of South Florida is adding Tampa Bay to its logo.

USF is changing its logo to read 'University of South Florida, Tampa Bay' for national recognition purposes.

USF spokesperson Michael Hoad says the University of South Florida name was a good fit back in 1956 when it was founded- but not today.

"The name came from an era when there wasn't much south of Gainesville," said Hoad. "The University of Florida was in Gainesville and anything south of it felt like South Florida."

Hoard says most universities in the state do not have a name that tells its location but the name 'University of South Florida' is misidentifying- adding 'Tampa Bay' is more exact.

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