PolitiFact Lie of 2011: "GOP Voted to End Medicare"

TAMPA (2011-12-20) -

It's official -- the Pulitzer-Prize winning fact-checker from the St. Petersburg Times, PolitiFact, has named it's 2011 "Lie of the Year."

It involves a proposed overhaul of the Medicare program passed earlier this year by the Republican House of Representatives.

Democrats said "Republicans voted to end Medicare."

PolitiFact says that's misleading. The program would turn Medicare into a voucher program, and only for people now younger than 55.

PolitiFact's Aaron Sharockman says Democrats have only themselves to blame for exaggerating the GOP proposal's effects.

"They were clear in their connotation to suggest to elderly Americans that you might wake up one day and your benefits won't be there. We believe that's a great falsehood," he said.

The previous two Lies of the Year involved Republican claims about the federal health care overhaul. Sharockman says that history had nothing to do with this year's decision.

By the way, fans on the internet voted for a different lie -- that the stimulus bill "failed to create a single job."

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