Saint Petersblog Editor Hates New "Tampa Bay Times" Name

TAMPA (2011-12-29) -

How much does the man behind Saint Petersblog hate “Tampa Bay Times,” the proposed new name for the St. Petersburg Times?

Enough to suggest some mild vandalism to the new Tampa Bay Times signs, if only in jest.

“I am close enough where I could almost knock over their new signs, if I had a baseball bat,” Peter Schorsch said in an interview with WUSF. “Fortunately for them and me, I have neither.”

On January 1, Florida's most popular newspaper will officially change its name to the Tampa Bay Times.

CEO Paul Tash says the new name better reflects the readership of the Times – three-fourths of which live outside of St. Petersburg.

Schorsch says it’s “like pouring salt in some wounds’ for a city that’s already had a tough year, with the slayings of three police officers and constant bad-mouthing of the home of the Rays, Tropicana Field.

“We’ve always had to play second city to Tampa,” he said. “Whenever we have a sporting story, the newscasters always confuse us with Tampa. And actually, St. Petersburg by all accounts almost is really the jewel of the area now.”

He says a lot of St. Petersburg residents, such as former Mayor Rick Baker, agree with him that this is bad for the city.

He also says it doesn’t make sense for the newspaper.

“If you look at the top 25 newspapers in the country, none of them are named after a body of water,” Schorsch said.

Only a couple, such as the Oregonian and the Arizona Republic, are named after a region.

He says this doesn’t take away from the quality of the newspaper, which has won several Pulitzer Prizes.

“Pound for pound, they’re probably the best newspaper in the country,” he said.

“I think they’re going to end up the same way that Netflix ended up this year or New Coke did three decades ago, where they’re going to end up regretting the decision,” he said.

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