Older Adults in Florida Want to Hear about Social Security and Medicare

TAMPA (2012-01-26) -

If there is a place to talk about Social Security and Medicare you would think it would be Florida. It has the largest percentage of adults age 65 and older in the nation. But an advocate for seniors says the issue is not being addressed.

The Republican candidates are talking about housing and the economy but they are not mentioning much about the future of Social Security or Medicare- neither did President Barack Obama during his State of the Union speech.

"We're disappointed that the President and the candidates who have visited--why they're not talking about the programs Social security and Medicare," said St. Petersburg AARP spokeswoman Michelle Cyr.

Cyr also said older adults want something to be done.

"Regardless of what party they support or what candidate they support, they all strongly say that they do not want anything to happen to their social security or medicare benefits and they want to see those programs strengthened," she said.

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