State Workers Keep Low Health Insurance Rates

TAMPA (2012-2-01) -

State workers, including Gov. Rick Scott, won't have to pay more for health insurance next year, even though the cost for the state is expected to go up by 50 million dollars.

A Florida House panel has just passed a $69 billion budget for 2012. They're keeping a budget provision to freeze health insurance premiums for all state workers.

Rank-and-file state workers pay on average about $50 a month for individual coverage and $180 for family coverage. But state officials like the governor and many legislators pay about $8 a month for individual coverage and $30 a month for family coverage.

House spokeswoman, Katie Betta says the state workers should keep their current rates because they have to pay part of their salary to pension costs and they have not gotten a pay raise in recent years.

Gov. Scott recommended making all state workers pay the same amount for health insurance in his budget proposal.

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