St. Petersburg City Council Goes Forward with The "Lens"

The Lens design for the St. Petersburg pier.
TAMPA (2012-2-02) -

The St. Petersburg city council agreed Thursday to move forward with the "Lens" design to replace the existing St. Petersburg Pier. But not before talking about the costs.

The St. Petersburg city council agreed with a committee that chose the Lens as the top design. This allows the Mayor to negotiate an agreement with the designers for a final development plan--which needs City Council approval.

But council members say they're concerned about the cost.

City Council member Steve Kornell asked if the proposed budget of $50 million would be enough.

"We vote today that it's a real budget?" Kornell asks, "That it's not a theoretical budget or a phase one budget and there could be three other phases. I want to know that 50 million dollars is the cap," he said.

As of now, $50 million is the cap. The final development plan will include the costs of design services,demolition, construction and contingency.

City Council will have the chance to vote again on the final plan and its budget.

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