Recent Florida Matters episodes

A Tribute to the Bay Area (June 4, 2009)
Irene, Carson and Larry

Paying tribute to the Bay Area community for making Florida Matters possible:
This week Larry and Carson join Irene in the studio to celebrate the first season of Florida Matters on TV. They take a look at their favorite segments...

Shiekra at Busch Gardens

The economic recession is keeping many would-be travelers at home. Across Florida, that's leading to amped-up marketing in hopes of drawing people here. This week, we take an informal survey of the tourism industry to find out what those...

Best of Florida Stories Part 2 (May 28, 2009)
Larry Elliston on the waterfront

This week Larry Elliston shares the stories of Floridians who have helped others move to Florida from overseas and "Dr. Bob" who volunteers his time to offer better healthcare. Plus, we'll meet a man who used his experience in prison to turn his...

Hurricane off the coast of Florida

As another hurricane season begins, officials don't want residents to be complacent after a few quiet seasons. It only takes one storm to ruin your summer. This week, we'll meet Florida's new emergency manager, debunk some hurricane preparation...

Best of Florida Stories Part 1 (May 21, 2009)
Larry Elliston at the park

What does a paintbrush, a park and a bicycle all have in common? Find out this week on Florida Matters as co-host Larry Elliston brings us a collection of Florida Stories that will inspire you to look at things in a new way.

Florida House Chamber

Lawmakers used federal stimulus money and a variety of increased fees to support a $66.5 billion spending plan for next year. But they failed to pass any significant tax reforms. This week, we look back at the annual legislative session and talk...

Crime in the Sunshine State (May 14, 2009)
police officer

This week we're taking a serious look at the state of crime in our area. We'll ask local law enforcement to weigh in on the trends they're seeing, and discuss ways we can all avoid becoming victims. And we'll take a look at the relationship...

finger print kit

An often-cited statistic among law enforcement professionals goes something like this: 6 percent of people commit 60 percent of the crime. We'll learn about efforts by one local sheriff's office to catch that 60 percent. Plus, white-collar and...

Florida's International Culture (May 7, 2009)
food from different cultures

Join us as we explore the international diversity of the Bay Area. Florida is a melting pot, an international community that represents countries from around the globe. So what do foreigners bring to the table? We'll answer that question,...


If you have not sat through one, you have heard about them: diversity training. Corporations, nonprofits and educational institutions all offer the classes. But do the sessions foster greater understanding among people of different cultural...

Florida's Drought (April 30, 2009)
Clara Ann Yarian getting water

We play in it, clean with it, cook with it, admire it, and depend on it for survival. We're talking about water and the delicate relationship our state has with this natural resource. This week we examine the current water crisis. Joshua Stewart...

drop of water from a hose

After three years of below-average rainfall, the rivers are low and the reservoir is empty. Water managers and local governments have imposed the tightest water-use restrictions ever. But out West, communities have been dealing with drought for...

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