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Reducing Reliance on Citizens Property (January 9, 2009)
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A task force has been meeting over the last few months charged by state lawmakers with finding ways to return Citizens Property Insurance Corp. to the state's "insurer of last resort." Citizens is the largest property insurance company in Florida...

Looking Ahead to 2009 (January 2, 2009)
offshore drilling rig

We'll take some time as a new year begins to revisit a couple of shows from the past year, but with a twist: we’ve selected two shows that are likely to be part of the community discussion through 2009. First, we'll hear about the gambling...

Best of 2008 (December 26, 2008)
Best of 2008
Best of 2008

In the waning days of 2008, we'll consider two of our favorite shows from the past year. First, we'll revisit our conversation about the changing landscape of newspaper journalism in the Bay area and in the nation. Since we first aired this...

Giving in a Troubled Economy (December 19, 2008)
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Along with mounting unemployment in Florida and around the nation come reports that more and more people are calling on the nation's noprofits for services. But while demand increases, the pool of potential donors shrinks as individuals and...

The Plunging Housing Market (December 12, 2008)
House bank

For nearly a year, home buyers and sellers alike have been wondering: how much farther is the bottom of the housing market? There were some positive signs last month when the Florida Association of Realtors released October's existing home sales...

Florida's Healthcare in '09 (December 5, 2008)

Some estimates say 20 percent of Floridians have no health insurance. The rising cost of healthcare - and the number of uninsured - are issues that were at the forefront of the presidental campaign and a focus of Gov. Charlie Crist's 2008...

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