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Plant City Gangs (January 11, 2008)
gang tattoos

This week, the intersection of immigration, crime, race and gangs in rural Florida. The problems in Hillsborough County's Plant City echo what's happening throughout the state.

Film Industry (January 4, 2008)
Reels of Film
Film Industry

State officials are hoping more car chases and boy-meets-girl stories are filmed in Florida. The hope is big screen exposure can diversify the economy and boost the state's image with national and international audiences. But does Florida have...

Year in Review (December 28, 2007)
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This week WUSF reporters Steve Newborn and John Sepulvado join Susan Giles Wantuck to discuss important stories aired on Florida Matters. Stem Cell Research, then Environment and the Democratic Primary are among some of the topics.


Climate Change and the Media (December 14, 2007)
View of Earth from Space

Thermometers don't lie. There is little question the earth is getting warmer. But the issue of global warming is certainly hot. Is global warming a trend? Is it periodic? Is it natural or manmade? Can it be stopped? It's not the easiest story to...

State Gambling Deal (December 7, 2007)
Governor Crist and Mitchell Cypress

Governor Crist has signed a compact with the Seminole Indian Tribe to allow expanded gambling at tribal casinos in Florida in exchange for a cut in the profits. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Others say it's a deal too good to pass up....

Hillsborough-Tampa Merge (November 30, 2007)
Map of Hillsborough County

In these days of tax reform and tight budgets, local governments are looking to save money. There has been talk in Hillsborough County of merging some services with Tampa. Can it make a difference? Would it be a good deal for residents? Join us...

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