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WWII Stories (November 9, 2007)
U.S. Marines raise the flag over Iwo Jima in February 1945.

It was the bloodiest conflict in human history. At the time, World War II affected nearly everyone on earth. Many current Bay area residents experienced the struggles of WWII first hand. For Veteran's Day week, we bring you three Florida Stories...

National Catastrophic Fund (November 2, 2007)
Insurance Building

Fires, earthquakes and hurricanes are costing property insurance rate payers a bundle. And with the devastating fires in southern California, some say Congress should reexamine a national catastrophic fund. It’s an idea that’s been floating...

Neighborhood Schools (October 26, 2007)
Pinellas County Schools Logo

The Pinellas County School Board is considering a new plan for schools in that county. After decades of bussing students to integrate schools, the new plan would essentially keep students in schools close to home. Some call it the neighborhood...

Leadership Vacuum (October 19, 2007)
satellite view of Florida

While lawmakers are dealing with takes, insurance and the state budget, are state and local leaders looking at the bigger picture of a 21st century Florida? We'll take a look on this week's Florida Matters.

Governmental Spending in Real-Life Terms (October 12, 2007)
money on top of a calculator

This week we look at Florida's state budget. Instead of viewing it in terms of millions or billions of dollars, we attempt to humanize the numbers. What do state budget cuts or surpluses really mean? We look for answers in mid-town St. Petersburg...

Homeschooling (October 5, 2007)
mother teaching her child

It wasn't too long ago when the idea of modern home schooling was considered to be the province of hippies and fringe groups — and perhaps a few small religious groups. Not any more. It is most definitely mainstream. Legalized in Florida in 1985...

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