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A Special Tribute to Fathers (June 16, 2006)

In honor of Father’s Day, hear a compilation of previously told Florida Stories featuring three men as they reflect on their lives. First, John Clement shares the family’s legacy of humor with his daughter Lawrason; next, Tony Castellano tells...

Lawrason and John Clement (June 9, 2006)
Lawrason and John Clement

“It takes about 13 facial muscles to smile and about 87 to frown’’ says 83-year-old John Clement. Laughter and good humor connect the generations of the Clement family. Daughter Lawrason Clement brings out her father’s best stories as they...

William Scott Cobb and William J. Cobb (June 2, 2006)
William Scott Cobb and William J. Cobb

William J. Cobb recalls his earliest memories with grandson William Scott Cobb, including the disastrous economic circumstances that surrounded President Hoover and the Great Depression. The now elder Cobb tells of following so closely in his...

Tony Castellano and Rose Castellano Mattran (May 26, 2006)
Tony Castellano and Rose Castellano Mattran

Italian immigrant Tony Castellano tells his daughter, Rose, about their family’s military service in World War II. He and his four brothers were among thousands of young Americans who were sent around the world to fight the Germans and the...

Adrienne Garcia and Cassandra Gonzmart (May 19, 2006)
Adrienne Garcia and Cassandra Gonzmart

Adrienne Garcia, longtime friend of the Gonzmart family, relates the pleasures and pride that evolved as she mentored Cassandra Gonzmart through high school, college and into adulthood. Cassandra talks about the importance of having an older...

Stories of Moms (May 12, 2006)

Celebrate Mother’s Day and the moms it honors by listening to a compilation of stories previously broadcast reflecting the special relationships between mothers and daughters. Here is Willow Wright talking about her recently deceased mother,...

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