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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. giving his speech
Four Decades After Dr. Martin Luther King's 'Dream' Speech, a Reality Check - Part One of Two

To commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Dr. King's historic speech, Florida Matters is replaying a broadcast from February 3rd of of this year.

In August of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his influential "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Host Robin Sussingham speaks with local leaders about the progress made since 1963 and what challenges lie ahead for Tampa Bay's African-American community. This week's program explores issues ranging from education to politics to the state of today's African American family. It's a conversation everyone in Tampa Bay needs to hear.

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Tuesday at 6:30 PM | Sunday at 7:30 AM on WUSF 89.7

Monday at 10:00 PM on WSMR 89.1

Radio Guests

Chloe Coney - Executive Director, Corporation to Develop the Communities of Tampa
Darryl Rouson - Attorney at Law, past president St. Petersburg Chapter of the NAACP
Doretha Edgecomb - School Board Member, Hillsborough Schools District
Joe Brown - Columnist for the Tampa Tribune



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