The Tampa Bay area poses a unique challenge for mass transportation. We'll take a look at the reasons we're behind other metropolitan areas our size and what community leaders are doing to increase our transportation options. You'll also see why having better transportation options makes for a better economy. And we'll hear from one man who has turned his commute to work into a way of life for his whole family.

Building Rail Transit

For years, Floridians have heard that the solution to our traffic woes is rail: commuter rail, high-speed rail, light rail. In the Bay area, creation of a regional transit master plan is underway and Tampa's mayor is pushing for light rail in the city. We'll talk to people from Miami and Salt Lake City to find out how they created their rail systems and what they've learned from operating them.

Assistant Director of Engineering, Planning and Development for Miami-Dade Transit
Director of Transportation Program Evaluation and Economic Analysis at the University of South Florida's Center for Urban Transportation Research
senior media relations specialist for the Utah Transit Authority

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