TV: Facing the Mortgage Crisis - Radio: The Push for Drilling

Facing the Mortgage Crisis

Meet four sets of homeowners living right here in the Bay Area that have experienced what it's like to go through a foreclosure. They could be your best friend, or co-worker, a family member, or your neighbor. None of them expected to lose their homes. With so many homeowners falling into foreclosure because of lost jobs or reduced hours, we'll also introduce you to an organization around the state that can help the unemployed find work. Last but not least, we tackle the topic of foreclosure scams and teach you the warning signs to look out for so you don't fall victim yourself.

The Push for Drilling - Part 1

The debate over allowing oil and natural gas drilling as close as a few miles from Florida’s Gulf coast has heated up in recent weeks and figures to be a key issue during the spring legislative session. On this week’s show, we’ll hear why environmentalists and some residents worry drilling could ruin our tourism economy and why the industry thinks it’s important to open the Gulf for more oil exploration.

Policy Director for Audubon of Florida
Citizen Advocate and Member of the Offshore Drilling Committee for the Barrier Islands Governmental Council
Executive Director of the Florida Petroleum Council

Watch the Oct. 28 Drilling Forum Hosted by Gannett and WFSU TV

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