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Is Tampa Ready for the Republican National Convention?

After months of preparations, the Republican National Convention is coming to town. Our region’s reputation is riding on whether the convention is labeled a success.

So, are we ready? Joining us to answer that question is James Davis. He’s communications director for the 2012 Republican National Convention; Ken Jones, the President and CEO of the 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee for the Republican National Convention.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor says yes, they are as ready as they can be. As she told WUSF’s Craig Kopp, they’ve been learning lessons from previous conventions and the NATO summit in Chicago earlier this year.

So, how about the protesters? WUSF’s Steve Newborn spoke with Mick Kelly of Minnesota. He’s with the Coalition to March on the RNC, and helped organize the 2008 RNC Protest in St. Paul.

Some people may protest, but others want to show their support for Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention. WUSF’s Sarah Curran found one of them.

Finally, the impact on the business community is predicted to be huge – and the Tampa Bay Business Journal is gearing up to measure the convention’s economic impact. WUSF’s Bobbie O’Brien spoke recently with Tampa Bay Business Journal Editor Alexis Muellner.

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