Florida Matters: Choosing the Next FCAT

Florida Matters: Choosing the Next FCAT

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart is expected to recommend a test to (mostly) replace the FCAT later this month.
A new test is needed because Florida is finishing the switch to new K-12 math, language arts and literacy standards this fall. The standards are largely based on Common Core standards fully adopted by 44 other states and the District of Columbia.
There's also big money riding on the contract. Pearson currently holds a five-year, $249 million contract to administer the FCAT. The new test is expected to cost about as much per student as the FCAT.
Five companies -- ACT Aspire, American Institutes for Research, CTB/McGraw-Hill, McCann Associates and Pearson -- bid to become the next FCAT. A state panel has recommended AIR, but the decision is Stewart's.

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